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Jednym z ważnych elementów monitoringu rysi w terenie jest kontrolowanie liczby urodzonych kociąt oraz kondycji matki i potomstwa. Podczas jednego z takich wyjazdów mieliśmy wyjątkową okazję zobaczyć kociaka, który wspiął się na drzewo. Matka od małego trenuje swoje potomstwo tak, aby żadna sytuacja nie była im straszna 😉 Dzielimy się z Państwem kilkoma kadrami z tego spotkania 😊
📷Roksana Czerniawska, ZTP
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First kitten born in a wild


First lynxes born free were babies of Cleo and Rudy in 2019. Couple has finally got their younglings, that were observed until season with mother. In the next year 3 other lynxes became mothers: Cleo, Nelly and Rózia, overall 7 kitten were born. But most fruitful year are yet to come! In 2021 population of lynxes in Western Pomeranians increased by 17 additional kittens from 6 different mothers (Rózia, Hyża, Szelma, Mniszka, Luna and Azjatka) This year born season is still on and team on the field confirmed birth of 6 young lynxes. We hope that in next years will bring another kittens, that will be part of stable population of Lynxes in northern-western poland.

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Work of Emergency Service


Rebuilding lynx population is based on work of many people. One of the most important tasks is to monitor lynxes after being released in to the wild. This task is done by Emergency Service, that is made of ZTP employes. Those are the people that are keeping watch over released individuals. They are making decision about time and date of setting lynx free from releasing yards.


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Summary of past work of the project


ZTP began releasing lynxes to northern-western Poland after over 300 years of absence on those terrains. This task was possible thanks to endowment from program od Operational Infrastructure and Environment – Project POIS.02.04.00-00-0143/16 „Return of lynxes to northern-western Poland”. Contribution to this project was covered by WFF Poland and recently we received support from Polskie Towarzystwo Ochrony Przyrody „Salamandra” from means donated for threatened species by shop chain „Biedronka”.

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Muca in grass .

Real spring has finally visited as, just like we expected

Muca decided to enjoy sunny weather, lying down in warm rays, in beatifull green scenery

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