"The Return of Lynx to Northwestern Poland"

The project is implemented by the Western Pomeranian Nature Society together with the Mammal Research Institute of the Polish Acadamy of Sciences in Białowieża and the Cultural Center in Miroslawiec



In the wild, part 1

This time, we are proud to present a male lynx released from the adaptation pen in the Mirosławiec Forest District. The cat went near Złocieniec town!

Welcome to the gallery :)

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A short brief summary of project progress

Almost two years ago, the project reintroduced lynx in Western Pomerania began. The original range of this predator was  throughout almost all of Europe, up to the Himalayas, unfortunately as a result of hunting and gradual deforestation, this species has been pushed to the eastern territories of our continent. In western Poland, the lynx was already exterminated in the 18th century.

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