"The Return of Lynx to Northwestern Poland"

The project is implemented by the Western Pomeranian Nature Society together with the Mammal Research Institute of the Polish Acadamy of Sciences in Białowieża and the Cultural Center in Miroslawiec


Do you know.....?


Like in every month, we prepared a few curiosity about lynxes:

About lynx activity.

Lynxes, like other cats, are most often active at night. During the day they rest in their hiding places. Most often these are inaccessible places, between the forest thicket, invisible to foreign eyes. At night,  they are looking for prey.

Lynxs hunt  while moving through they area. Weather conditions do not have a significant impact on daytime activities. Although, in the case of extreme weather, they rather seek shelter (snowstorms, or heavy downpours and heat). It should also be added that the presence of a human in the area in which a lynx lives may also affect the individual's activity. Males spend much more time searching - they move faster than the females, so they are able to penetrate a larger area. In lynx activity is dependent on the breeding period - a female who has kittens uses only a small part of her area to look for food, and their activity depends on satisfying the needs of kittens (this mainly applies to the nesting period in raising kittens).

Do you know.....?